Big Brother Recap: Double Eviction 2

Adam Bryant
TV Guide
Julie Chen | Photo Credits: Monty Brinton/CBS

The Big Brother season is winding down, which means it's time for another double eviction! Will Dan follow through on his plan to blindside Frank? And what kind of ramifications might that have? Plus: Somebody else is also going home! How did it all come together? Let's find out.

Once Jenn is off the block, she is relieved that Dan saved her, but remains focused on keeping Frank in the house. Frank, forever trusting Dan, feels confident he already has three votes locked up and will be staying. That changes a bit when Frank and Dan begin discussing who should go home next. While running different scenarios, Dan slips up and asks what would happen if Joe pulled off a miracle and won head of household?

Frank immediately wonders why Dan is even thinking that way, as that would only happen if Frank went home. Dan kind of covers his tracks, but Frank seems suspicious, noting that the last time Frank and Joe were on the block, Dan and Danielle betrayed him. "I don't want history to repeat itself, bubba," Frank says.

Joe tries to make sure he's not Ian's main target and asks Ian if he should be launching a campaign. Ian assures Joe that if he keeps his mouth shut, he should have nothing to worry about. Dan, on the other hand, is worried about Joe. As he previously hinted to Frank, Dan is worried about what Joe might do if he somehow won the next head of household. Joe tells Dan that Shane and Danielle would be his targets, but then reveals in the diary room that he would most certainly be going after Dan.

Then, in the strangest/most hilarious event of the night, 20 minutes after Dan and Joe talk, Dan comes back into the bedroom. Joe, assuming Dan is Shane in the dark, starts to grumble about how Dan came to him moments ago. Rather than let Joe hang himself, Dan reveals himself, and Joe gets awkwardly quiet. Although I think Dan should have played along as long as he could to learn Joe's true feelings, Dan is comfortable knowing that Joe is a blabbermouth either way. Might Dan change his mind and keep Frank after all?

As it turns out, no. The houseguests vote as expected, and by a vote of 3-1, Frank is evicted. Frank looks pretty angry and only hugs Jenn on his way out the door. Frank tells Julie Chen he kind of expected a betrayal and blames himself for not winning the power of veto. However, he also says he'd like to think people who swear on the Bible wouldn't go back on their word. Frank realizes that Dan's alliance with him was never real, but he says he doesn't regret trusting people, because after being nominated five times, he had to try to find someone to play with. It's odd, but Frank does come across as a bit of a nice guy, and I kind of feel bad for him. But, on with the double eviction!

The HOH competition requires the players to correctly identify what former players said during their final pleas. The person who answers the most correctly after seven rounds wins. Jenn jumps out to an early lead, but after a stumble, she allows Dan and Danielle to tie it up. Although Shane and Joe completely suck at the game, Jenn, Dan and Danielle finish the final round with each having five correct answers. The game comes down to a tie-breaker, and Dan's guess is correct, making him the new HOH.

This is where  things get a little nutty. Assuming he will be nominated, Joe automatically takes a seat in the nominees' chairs. But Dan's second nomination is... Ian? My first thought is Dan maybe wants to back-door Jenn, or at least have the option of putting her up should the nominations change. Or he simply could be putting up Ian for show, to make the house think they're not that close.

But when Ian pulls out a victory in the POV competition (players had to navigate a shark fin through a maze), Dan makes an even more shocking move: He nominates Danielle as the replacement. Dan seemed strained and unsure of what to do, and it's clear he just wanted Joe to be gone. Plus: I think he's still trying to work a loyalty angle with Jenn after saving her with the POV. By again keeping her safe, perhaps he thinks he can make up for betraying Frank.

However, Danielle looks plenty shocked and a bit heartbroken. And fellow Quack Pack member Shane is also a bit confused. (Although, I have learned recently that Shane is easily bewildered. Not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he?) Ultimately, the house votes 3-0 to evict Joe, making both me and my ears extremely happy that the loudmouth is gone.

But the mood in the house as the cameras fade is still uncertain. Danielle is talking to Dan, but still looks angry, while Shane sits in silence as Ian nervously walks around the house. Somehow, I feel like something is off, but I guess we'll have to wait until next week to see what Dan was thinking and how it will all play out.

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