Beyonce's Big Reveal: Never-Before-Seen Dance!

Jackie Willis
ET Online

If you thought Beyonce Knowles couldn't be any more fiercer, think again! At 9 a.m. today, April 4, the Queen B gave a big reveal, and it might not be what you expected!

The Single Ladies singer, 31, released a one-minute Pepsi commercial titled Mirrors (so Justin Timberlake of her)! Check it out, below:

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The video shows Beyonce creating a "never-before-seen dance routine" while other Beyonces of the past (Destiny's Child Beyonce and Single Ladies Beyonce included) dance around the singer to help create the new moves. Who doesn't love when Beyonce is her own backup dancer?!

Queen B is heard saying after her Sasha Fierce performance, "Embrace your past, but live for now."

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What do you think of Bey's big reveal? Is a commercial what you expected?

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