Best and Worst 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches: Jamie Foxx

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"Saturday Night Live" -- Jamie Foxx / Ne-Yo
Jamie Foxx hosts the ninth episode of "Saturday Night Live" Season 38.

After a three-week break, "Saturday Night Live" returned with host Jamie Foxx.

We were excited to see what Foxx, who got his start doing sketch comedy on "In Living Color," would bring to the table.

Foxx didn't disappoint; he was his usual brash, assured, dynamic self. Too bad most of the other sketches didn't pass muster.

Best Sight Gag: Jamie Foxx as a Ding Dong on Weekend Update

Sometimes, you laugh because a joke is clever and witty. Sometimes, you laugh because someone looks silly. Even Jamie Foxx couldn't stop himself from cracking up.

Dullest Sketch: Cold Open

The cold open set the evening's dull tone. President Obama comforted a pathetic John Boehner, who's being bullied by Congress. Jay Pharaoh's and Bill Hader's impersonations were good, but it was pretty much a one-joke sketch -- a pantless Boehner got pushed into the ladies' room, had rotten eggs thrown at him, etc. It's not a promising sign when the audience is dead silent at the top of the show.

Enjoyable: Jamie Foxx's Monologue

Foxx's monologue was a bit Chris Rock and a bit '90s -- "How black is that?!" -- but he still showed what a crackling performer he can be. Plus, 2 Chainz joined him. Everything's better with 2 Chainz.

Best: Dylan McDermott or Dermot Mulroney

Sure, this sketch might be about, oh, seven years late, but it was still funny! Bill Hader played the host of a quiz show with three black contestants who couldn't identify photos of either man. And then Dermot Mulroney himself came out ... except he thought he was Dylan McDermott!

Worst: B---- What's the Answer

The first sketch featuring Foxx was a game show (clearly, "SNL" is really into this format lately) featuring unanswerable questions and Foxx's host calling the contestants "b----." Over and over again.

So Weird, It's Funny: Maine Justice

Wait, why does everyone in this Maine courtroom speak with a Louisiana accent? Why did they play "When the Saints Go Marching In?" What's going on here? We were confused for most of the sketch -- maybe it was a town with a lot of Hurricane Katrina refugees -- but Jason Sudeikis's crazy Colonel Sanders and a cameo by a moonshine-swilling Charlie Day made this whole bizarre thing kind of hilarious.

Most Disappointing: Tyler Perry Presents Alex Cross 2: Madea Special Ops

This digital short spoofing Tyler Perry's new action franchise had so much promise. Jamie Foxx threw himself into playing the Two-Face version of Alex Cross and Madea in "the first buddy cop movie starring just one actor!" But alas, it fell flat.

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