‘Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?’ Recap: What Happens in Vegas Saves Relationships

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In the season finale of Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After?, Ben and Lauren take a trip to Vegas for their joint bachelor and bachelorette parties — despite the fact that the wedding has been called off. The couple decided to still have the party since everyone had already made travel arrangements, but they have yet to tell any of their friends that the wedding has been called off. These two are definitely people pleasers. As they drive to Las Vegas, Lauren is scrolling through her Instagram feed and reads aloud a comment someone left about the two having babies. This leads Ben to bring up the scrotum surgery he had in high school, which means he may not be able to have children. Although this adds to the list of strains on the couple’s relationship, the two continue on to Vegas and vow to have a great time.

The couple is reunited with old friends and several Bachelor alumni upon their arrival — including the twins, Tanner, Jade, JJ, Amanda, Ashley I., and Jared. While Ashley I. is plotting a Vegas-style wedding with JJ, the twins are wondering if they’re the only ones who know that the wedding has been called off. They go along with the festivities despite their confusion, and everyone toasts to Ben’s speech in which he explains, “This weekend is the culmination of us dating, having fun, and now we will start life together — but this weekend, let’s just have a blast.” Although it is not the most eloquent speech, he does manage to avoid confronting the issue of the wedding being called off in an effort to keep the mood light.

 (Credit: Ronda Churchill/Freeform)
Photo: Ronda Churchill/Freeform

The girls and guys split up so they can begin their celebrations, and the girls are seen drinking champagne with a stripper in their hotel suite. The guys have a less typical party experience, as they decide to call in a doctor to test their sperm counts. A few of the guys volunteer upon the doctor’s arrival and slip into various rooms to gather their samples. The main room is terribly silent, and Ben shouts out to everyone to turn on some music and stop being so quiet. We then see a not-so-subtle montage of meat being rubbed, several phallic images, and eventually water spraying out of waterfalls and fire hydrants. In case things weren’t already awkward enough, we also notice that two of the guys went into one room together to gather their samples. When one of the men in the main room calls this out, they shout “Teamwork!” and “People helping people, bro!” Finally, the uncomfortable experience ends, and the guys move on to a nearby driving range while the ladies head over to a nail salon.

At the spa, one of Lauren’s friends asks if she’s excited to get married. Lauren’s too embarrassed to tell everyone, “Well, the wedding is off” — and Amanda eventually begins to talk about her fast engagement to Josh. Lauren’s friends tell her how lucky she is to be getting married, and share stories of their terrible dating app experiences. As you might imagine, this does not make Lauren feel great. Meanwhile, the guys are at the driving range discussing the upcoming nuptials as well. JJ is saying how jealous he is of Ben’s position, while Tanner encourages Ben by assuring him that his first year of marriage will be great. Jared also points out that couples who get through the difficult times ultimately have a stronger relationship — a point that hits home for Ben. Tanner admits that he had a difficult few moments before the wedding as he decided whether or not he was ready — something I’m sure his wife, Jade, won’t be thrilled to watch on national TV — but explains that you have to “go for it” if you really love the person. Move over, Dr. Phil. There are some new marriage gurus in town.

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The guys then move on to a whiskey tasting, during which they sample some expensive booze. Ben points out the hint of peach he tastes, and JJ again expresses jealousy to the camera about how perfect Ben’s life is. Poor JJ, maybe he should cozy up to Ashley I. after all. After sharing the whiskey, the group asks Ben how he knew Lauren was the one. This is when Ben finally decides to share the news that he and Lauren have gone to couple’s therapy and have decided to call off the wedding. The group is shocked and definitely a little confused about why they’re still at a bachelor party, but they wish the couple the best nonetheless and keep drinking.

The girls are celebrating with bottle service at the pool nearby, and Lauren seems to be having a good time. Of course, when she disappears, the twins tell Ashley I. that the wedding is off, which is the equivalent of hiring a plane to skywrite the news over the Las Vegas Strip. Later that night, Lauren addresses the elephant in the room at dinner and explains that she and Ben decided to take a step back when they saw how fast everything was moving. Everyone looks supportive, and then once Lauren excuses herself, they all speculate among themselves about whether the couple will actually make it.

The two groups then bring Ben and Lauren outside to watch their love story as it’s projected on the MGM Grand screen. We see clips that range from the start of Ben’s Bachelor season to the current season of Happily Ever After. Ben and Lauren are both touched, and Ben immediately calls Lauren when the compilation is over. The two agree to meet at a nearby bar called Skyfall Lounge (which they repeat several times, for promotional consideration and whatnot). Ben tells Lauren that she is going to be his wife one day and the wedding is back on, and Lauren happily agrees. The two then tell one another, “You’re my person,” and embrace. Wow, this is working out perfectly! They really couldn’t have planned it better.

Everyone from the party then comes out to hear the good news. The night concludes with the entire group celebrating at a club.

The episode winds down with Ben and Lauren explaining that they’re now going to work on planning a wedding and bettering one another. Lauren states, “I think we’ll live happily ever after,” to which Ben replies, “I know we’ll live happily ever after.” And to bring things full circle, Ben gets a phone call and learns that his sperm count is not only OK, it’s above average! It looks like the couple will have their happily ever after for now… at least until next season.

Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After? airs on Freeform.