Ben Affleck, Jimmy Fallon Recite Accountant's Oath for "Kid Theater" on 'The Tonight Show'

The Hollywood Reporter

Ben Affleck, who is making the rounds to promote his upcoming thriller The Accountant, dropped by to visit with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday, to discuss his latest project and indulge in a bit of "Kid Theater." 

But before their stage time, audiences were treated to a snippet of Affleck as a youngster appearing in The Voyage of Mimi, which was quite the journey down memory lane. The attention then turned to his upcoming film, The Accountant. Affleck admitted that he had to do extensive research to accommodate the demands of the role of a man with Asperger Syndrome. 

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Next, Fallon invited him to "Kid Theater," in which the duo took on to the serious business of reading scenes written by elementary school kids, based on just the title of the film.

The scripts ranged from a boy/girl romance in which Fallon uttered the words "I love you" and and Affleck laughingly replies with "I love you too!" to a boy asking his father for a hug that is supposed to last for five seconds.The two promptly embraced with dramatic gusto.

The final reading ended with a numbers game, an accountant's oath and a handshake that left the two on amicable terms. This proves that Affleck will be back for more fun and mayhem in the near future. "We, the great accountants of America, promise to never fight other accountants. And most importantly, all numbers are the best."

The Accountant hits theaters Oct. 14.