Has Beauty and the Beast Cast a She-Beast?!

Matt Webb Mitovich
BEauty and the Beast Amber Skye Noyes
BEauty and the Beast Amber Skye Noyes

It would appear that when it comes to cross-species DNA mutation, the apple may not fall far from the tree.

TVLine has learned that The CW’s Beauty and the Beast will unveil its first potential female beast during Season 2, to be played by TV newcomer Amber Skye Noyes.

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The innocent offspring of a powerful beast, Noyes’ character, Tori, is rescued by Cat and Vincent and then taken under their wing, where she will make some shocking “discoveries” about her life — à la “Are you there, Muirfield? It’s me, Margaret…”?

And I know what y’all are thinking: Let’s hope Vincent still doesn’t have a thing for redheads. (Especially since as SpoilerTV has said of the Tori character, “If Cat’s the angel on Vincent’s shoulder, she’s the seductive devil.” Eep.)

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Noyes, who played Matthew’s online honey Michelle on One Life to Live’s online incarnation, will debut in Episode 4 and guest-star in at least three episodes.

B&TB opens its sophomore season on Oct. 7, now airing Mondays at 9/8c (after Hart of Dixie).

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