Beauty And The Beast: Austin Basis -- J.T. To Help Vincent With His Valentine's Day Wooing Of Catherine

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Jay Ryan as Vincent, Kristin Kreuk as Catherine and Austin Basis as JT on The CW's 'Beauty and The Beast' -- The CW

"Beauty and The Beast" is celebrating Valentine's Day on tonight's episode and with a little help from J.T., Vincent Keller is once again in hot pursuit of the girl of his dreams - Catherine Chandler.

"The negative of Catherine - that's kind of evolving into a positive, finally, [for J.T.], and you'll see in the next few episodes that I think J.T. chills out a little and it's like a little more fun," Austin Basis, who plays Vincent's best friend, J.T., told of his character finally growing to appreciate Kristin Kreuk's Catherine.

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In fact, J.T. will be encouraging his buddy - Jay Ryan's Vincent - to throw some romance Catherine's way.

"His Valentine's Day thing is like, giving advice to Vincent to close the deal and to kind of put yourself out there and to try to get beyond this Alex [situation]," Austin continued, referring to Vincent's flirtation with Alex (Bridget Regan), which ended disastrously in last week's episode when the redheaded nurse saw her former fiance turn into the beast and take down Muirfield agents.

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Austin said he's looking forward to the fan reaction to the upcoming Vincent/Catherine storyline.

"They're destined for each other. It'll be interesting for the audience to see how that goes down and to see the evolution of [Vincent] really realizing what Catherine is to him and coming back to that," Austin said.

But don't expect Catherine to take Vincent back as her potential love interest right away. After Vincent went off with Alex, she's still pretty hurt.

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"Internally they have a lot of issues now," "BATB" Executive Producer Brian Peterson told reporters, at a screening of the show just last week. "If he just ran back to somebody that quickly, Cat's gonna be a little reticent to let him just run right back to her as I think you'll see."

"Beauty and The Beast" airs at 9/8c on The CW.

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