Batman’s Craziest Moments

Yahoo! TV

Batman's newest adventure "The Dark Knight Rises" is expected to obliterate the box office this weekend. But bat-fans raised on Christopher Nolan's interpretation might not know that Bruce Wayne and his winged alter ego weren't always so edgy. Back in the 1960s, Adam West starred in a live action TV show and, unlike the Christian Bale version, this Batman was anything but brooding.

In the swinging '60s, Batman was a groovy crimefighter, man. As played by West, the Caped Crusader patrolled Gotham City with Robin (Burt Ward), battling hapless crooks and their even more hapless henchmen with needlessly complex plans.

The dynamic duo got into some pretty bizarre situations during their three-season run. There was a surfing contest with the Joker (complete with board shorts), an ill-advised "Batusi" dance opposite future Bond girl Jill St. John, and a Pied Piper plot in which Batman played the flute to rid Gotham City of robotic mice.

And those aren't even the craziest. Check out the video above to see Brian Corsetti of Yahoo! ENTV video as he brings the top five befuddling moments from a show (and big screen adaptation) that were absolutely chock full of them.