The Bachelorette's Jef Holm Slams 'Dishonest' Brother's Allegations

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Emily Maynard and Jef Holm celebrate his 28th birthday at Abe & Arthur's in New York City on July 24, 2012 -- Getty Premium

Jef Holm, the fiance of "The Bachelorette's" Emily Maynard, is slamming his brother and condemning allegations that his reality star lady love stepped out on him.

On Thursday, Jef's brother, Mike Holm, told Us Weekly that reports of a blowout fight between Emily and his brother were true, after explicit text messages between Emily and an unidentified man were discovered. Mike dubbed the cheating reports "all 100% true."

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On Friday, Jef spoke to People, slamming his brother's claims.

"My family all says they are shocked, and obviously I'm shocked," Jef told the mag. "But if everybody knew the history he had with our family, no one would be surprised.

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"This whole story is 100 percent false. I like to give Mike the benefit of the doubt and think he's changed, but obviously he hasn't. He has a history of doing hurtful things to the family," the 28-year-old told the mag. "He's been cut off from a lot of family things because he's so dishonest."

Jef said he confronted his brother once the reports surfaced, but says Mike did not come clean about speaking to the magazine.

"I called every single member of my family and asked them if they'd done anything, and he promised me he hadn't," he continued. "It's so disturbing to think that a family member would do this... as hurt as I am, I love him and I love my family."

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On Thursday, Emily, 26, slammed the reports, telling People, "It's one hundred percent not true... I have never been more in love or felt more confident about our relationship...I'm happier than I've ever been."

--Jesse Spero

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