Baby Goat Who Used To Live Surrounded By Beer Cans And Frat Boys Finally Has A Real Home


Baby animals are very cute, but people need to remember that animals will not stay little babies forever.

This means that just because you think something is cute when it's little doesn't mean you will think it's cute as an adult. It's unwise to bring an animal into your home just because it's cute.

You also shouldn't adopt animals that aren't common in households. It might seem fun to own a monkey, but unless you have the training to raise a monkey, it is very irresponsible.

A group of college boys realized their mistake after bringing a baby goat into the frat house. No matter how much of a party animal she might have seemed, that was not where she belonged!

After having the goat at the frat house, the boys realized it was no place for a baby goat to live. They bought her as a mascot for the frat, but they understood it wasn't going to work out. Thankfully, rather than just dumping her off campus, they did some research and got this girl into the right hands.

They contacted the Tompkins County SPCA because, even though they were sad to see her go, they still wanted what was best for her.

The folks at Farm Sanctuary now have Maxie safely with them, getting the proper care and nutrition a young goat needs to become a full-grown female one day!

Video Credit: Farm Sanctuary

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