‘How to Get Away With Murder': 9 Characters Who Could Be the One Under the Sheet (Photos)

Rasha Ali
‘How to Get Away With Murder': 9 Characters Who Could Be the One Under the Sheet (Photos)

(Spoilers for the season premiere of “How To Get Away With Murder.”) 

In true “How To Get Away With Murder” fashion, the season three premiere left us with a wild cliffhanger. So now we’re dying to know: who the hell is under that sheet? It’s a question that may not be answered for a while — for now, we’ll take a look at the possibilities. And we’ll keep this list updated as the season goes on.

Oliver Hampton
Okay, so we love Oliver and hope he doesn’t die, but right now he’s the most dispensable of the Keating squad. Plus, he’s been around for the past two seasons and has sort of put his life on the line for her so Annalise would definitely be devastated over a dead Ollie.

Frank Delfino
As of right now, Annalise loathes Frank because he inadvertently killed her baby. However, we all know “How To Get Away With Murder” is notorious for ridiculous twists and maybe, just maybe Frank doesn’t turn out to be such a bad guy, comes back into Annalise’s life, they make up, become besties again and then he dies.

Wes Gibbins
There’s no chance it’s Wes. It can’t be. That would be like killing off Annalise, and you can’t do that because Shonda’s shows go on forever. (Ex. “Grey’s Anatomy).

Nate Lahey
Beautiful Nate Lahey. Like Oliver, Nate isn’t a central piece to the storyline so he can easily (with a lot of pain) be killed off. Also because Annalise can’t have nice things.

Eve Rothlo
Annalise’s ex-lover isn’t completely out of the picture yet. Judging by last season, it doesn’t seem like Keating has lost the flame for Eve and vice versa.

Bonnie Winterbottom
Quiet Bonnie has been known to do some real messed up stuff–like kill Rebecca messed up. So who’s to say she didn’t set fire to the house and accidentally (or not) get left behind?

Connor Walsh
Because Oliver can be “bad,” and he ends up setting fire to the house to protect Annalise, but doesn’t know that Connor is inside which results in his untimely death. It’s a stretch, but on HTGAWM anything can happen.

Michaela Pratt
Probably unlikely, but she already almost died in the first episode by drinking and driving so she’s clearly reckless. Plus, the actress who plays her, Aja Naomi King, tweeted: “It’s a pretty insane season and I’m sorry in advance if it breaks your heart.” Our hearts would be broken if she died… does that mean Michaela is in the gurney?!

Jane or John Doe
It’s probably unlikely that Annalise would get that hysterical over someone who hasn’t even been introduced yet, but she does have about 20 more episodes to get close to this new mystery person.