'Arrow' Mimicked 'Star Wars' and DC Fans Loved It

Superfan TV

On the 100th episode of Arrow, which just so happened to air in the middle of the CW's DC Universe crossover week, Oliver Queen found himself living in an alternate reality. Additionally, the likes of Kara Danvers and Barry Allen were in the episode.

While Supergirl and Flash took care of business in one dimension, Arrow was stuck in another, though really he was on the Dominators' spaceship - a ship that was located in what looked a lot like a galaxy far, far away.

Oliver and friends ejected from the spaceship in a pod that reminded viewers of another popular franchise, but despite the obvious similarities to Star Wars, DCU fans on Twitter didn't seem to mind. Nikki wrote, "Feels like I'm watching Star Wars, I love it," and Sarcastic Robin tweeted, "I wasn't expecting Star Wars in tonight's episode, now this is my fave episode of Arrow ever."

And, we don't think Sarcastic Robin was being sarcastic this time because The Force was strong with this episode.