Ariana Grande Too Flustered to Talk About Boyfriend on ‘Ellen’

Stephen Proctor

Ariana Grande joined Ellen where she sang a beautiful medley of her hit songs and talked openly about the inspiration for her VMA performance; a conversation in which censors had to bleep her and cover her mouth multiple times. But it was when host Ellen DeGeneres asked about her current boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller, that the Grande suddenly got shy.

The singer spent most of the one-sided conversation just saying that she can’t believe that they’re having this conversation, and that she’s never had the relationship talk on a show before. One reason Degeneres brought it up is because Grande and Miller had performed together on Ellen a little over 3 years ago, also showing a picture of the performance. This briefly got Grande away from the disbelief that came with talking about her boyfriend on a talk show. Finally, DeGeneres got Grande to talk about the relationship, though very, very briefly.

When Degeneres asked the pop star, “But you’re with him, right? And you’re happy and stuff?” Grande replied, “Oh. Yeah.”

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