'Apprentice' Contestant Says Donald Trump Sexually Assaulted Her at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Ashley Cullins

A former Apprentice contestant says she was kissed and groped by Donald Trump at the Beverly Hills hotel in 2007.

Summer Zervos says the release of the Access Hollywood tapes and Trump's subsequent denials of wrongdoing made her feel the need to speak out. 

Zervos was a contestant on season five of The Apprentice, and says she feels like she was denied career opportunities because she refused to sleep with Trump.

Attorney Gloria Allred, who is representing several women who say they were assaulted by Bill Cosby, took questions following Zervos' statement. 

Allred says she has two witnesses who can corroborate the story, but Zervos does not intend to sue. 

When asked why she decided to come forward, Zervos says, "I want to be able to sleep when I'm 70 at night."

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