Apple AirPods Get Perfect Parody Courtesy of Conan O’Brien (Video)

Joe Otterson

Conan O’Brien knows exactly how many of us felt when Apple announced its new wireless headphones, AirPods.

On Wednesday’s episode of TBS’s “Conan,” O’Brien aired a video spoofing those old Apple commercials featuring silhouette of people dancing against colorful backgrounds.

The difference this time is that the people in the video have the Apple AirPods tucked into their ear holes. Well, not for long anyway. As soon as their dancing got more enthusiastic, the AirPods would fly out of their ears, one time even ending up down a storm drain.

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Not exactly an ideal situation when you’re dealing with a product that costs $159 a pop. Plus tax. The ad closes with a banner that reads, “”AirPods: Wireless. Expensive. Lost.”

The release of the AirPods was announced along with the iPhone 7 at the Apple keynote event hosted by company CEO Tim Cook last week.

Critics are mainly focusing on the price point, which does seem steep. However, decent wireless headphones currently range from about $70 to $300, or even more. When you consider that’s essentially what Apple’s AirPods are, it’s a little easier to understand why such a small thing costs so much. It’s even easier to just not buy them.

Watch the video

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