Anna Wintour: 'There Were Tears in the Office of Vogue' for Gay Marriage (Video)

Kasia Anderson
The Wrap

She may be known as “Nuclear Wintour” in certain haute circles, but Anna Wintour thawed a little on Wednesday's “Colbert Report” while talking about President Obama's embrace of gay marriage.

Colbert stayed in faux-conservative character, pushing the Vogue editrix to take her own stand on the subject by asking, "Are there gay people in the fashion world? Are you as angry as I am about this gay marriage thing?"

Au contraire. "I am thrilled," Wintour said. "There were tears in the office of Vogue today on the support of gay marriage."

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As usual, Colbert was at the ready with the clever comeback -- "You're reinforcing a hateful stereotype, you realize" -- but Wintour kept her cool.

"I think it's a long-overdue endorsement and we're honored that he's come forward finally," she said.

And of course, Wintour and Colbert took a moment to talk fashion while they were at it. Watch their chat from "The Colbert Report" below.

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