Anna Gunn: Emmys best night ever exclusive

Yahoo! TV
COMMERCIAL IMAGE - Anna Gunn arrives at AMC's "Breaking Bad" Premiere and After Party on Saturday, July 14, 2012 in San Diego, CA.(Photo by John Shearer/Invision for AMC/AP Images)

Yahoo! sat down with Emmy nominee Anna Gunn. The actress plays the complicated role of Skyler White on the AMC drama "Breaking Bad." She and the cast have attended multiple Emmy Award shows (and her co-stars, including Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, have won for their nominated roles). She tells us some of her favorite moments from those nights…

What makes the Emmys the best night out?
It is the best night out because I get to be with my cast and just celebrate the great work. We all feel, as actors, that you are only as good as the writing you are given. We are given such extraordinary material, so we all know how lucky we are. We get to all be together and celebrate it and be joyous together.

Are you good about enjoying the moment?
It really is amazing. We know this doesn't come along every day. We are all very fortunate.

What is the cast tradition surrounding the Emmys?
No tradition except for copious partying. It is a hardy-partying group.

Who keeps the party going?
It is neck and neck between Dean Norris and Aaron Paul, who are at the top, and I rate far behind. I am panting by midnight and they are just getting their first wind.

How do you prepare?

I have two girls, and just being able to get all prettified and be part of it is fun and special to me. Being able to share it with them is the secret to a good preparation. I am really excited.

Do you give much thought to the dress?
I know silhouettes that work and silhouettes that aren't so great. Wearing a dress standing up is one thing, but then you have to sit down for hours in the audience. You can get to the end of the evening and your ribs feel crushed. It is important to be able to move and walk.

What moment do you treasure?
When Aaron [Paul] won for the first time. It will even get me a little choked up now, because I really do love everyone so much. We are coming into our last season. Watching him win and seeing the look on his face -- that was priceless.