Andy Cohen Reveals Skin Cancer Diagnosis on ‘Live With Kelly’ (Video)

Linda Ge
The Wrap

Bravo host Andy Cohen had a cancer scare earlier this year, he revealed Friday.

While guest co-hosting “Live with Kelly” with his friend Kelly Ripa, Cohen said that it was Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos who noticed a black discoloration on his lip and insisted that he get it checked out by a doctor.

“The two of you were dogmatic that I get it checked out,” Cohen recalled. “And I didn’t, because I was like, oh no, I’m sure it’s nothing. And she kept on me… And finally I did [get it checked], and it was melanoma.”

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Melanoma is one of the most serious forms of skin cancer.

Cohen revealed Ripa first noticed the black dot on his lip in April, at a party for Anderson Cooper’s mother, and that everything is fine now.

“The lip heals very well,” he said. “I really had a chunk removed out of it.”

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Ripa said this was the third time she had spotted skin cancer on a friend.

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