Anderson Cooper Blinded for 36 Hours in Portugal (Video)

Alexander C. Kaufman
The Wrap

Anderson Cooper sunburned his pearly blue eyes and went blind for 36 hours while on assignment in Portugal.

Don't worry -- he's O.K. now.

On his talk show "Anderson Live," the CNN reporter said that during the two hours he spent off the coast of Portugal shooting a story for "60 Minutes," the sunlight reflecting off the water burned his eyes.

"I wake up in the middle of the night and it feels like my eyes are on fire, my eyeballs and I think, oh maybe I have sand in my eyes or something," Anderson said on the program. "I douse my eyes with water. Anyway, it turns out I have sunburned my eyeballs and I go blind. I went blind for 36 hours."

Watch the entire clip -- and gaze at his tender cerulean irises -- below:

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