Anderson Cooper Adored, Matt Lauer Loathed: The Social Media Scores of the Debate Moderators

The Hollywood Reporter

The 2016 presidential election has spawned a fair share of digital chatter pitting Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump. But Twitter users have had plenty to say about the moderators of the recent debates, too.

Expectations were high for Lester Holt, Elaine Quijano, Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz after Matt Lauer's performance at the Commander-in-Chief Forum. So The Hollywood Reporter used data from Canvs, which measures sentiment within tweets, to determine just how audiences felt about each of the debate moderators.

No surprise that Lauer had the highest percentage of tweets expressing hate, meanwhile Cooper, who co-moderated with Raddatz on Oct. 9, was the most loved. THR's full breakdown is here:

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