Anderson to Bristol: Get a Job!

Jackie Willis
The Insider

Bristol Palin doesn't have Anderson Cooper's vote! The talk show host didn't hold back when talking about the Dancing With the Stars contestant, saying she should get off TV and get into the work force.

"I am thinking of starting a job fair for people … who need to get jobs [like] Lindsay Lohan, Bristol Palin," he said on his show. "I think they just need to get jobs, stop being on TV!"

He adds of the 21-year-old mother, "Anyone who is on a reality show knows that to get attention, you have to have a have a wardrobe malfunction, throw up, have a breakdown -- have a storyline. Bristol Palin is a genius because last night she developed a storyline that made her very sympathetic."

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Anderson was referring to Palin crying on Dancing and claiming that her partner Mark Ballas is not as supportive of her as he's been to his prior partners. Following the cry fest, Palin and Ballas hit the dance floor and received their highest score yet.

Do you agree with Anderson? Should Bristol get a job, or is being reality TV her job?

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