And the ‘Big Brother’ Winner Is...

Jeremy Belanger

Big Brother‘s Season 18 finale aired on Wednesday, and Paul, Nicole, and James fought for the $500,000 prize. Paul won the final Head of Household and exercised his right to evict either Nicole or James. He sent James home, citing an alliance faux pas.  

That left Nicole, the returning Big Brother veteran, and Paul, the clothing designer, to battle it out.

They had to plead their case to the jury of former houseguests. Paul bragged that he had shown social game skills in being nominated multiple times but receiving very few eviction votes. Nicole explained that she had an impact on the house while maintaining a low profile.

Ultimately, it came down to one vote, and Nicole was crowned champion.

Her win was remarkable, as Julie Chen explained, “For the first time ever in the game, a woman has won against a man in the final two.”

Watch a fight break out in the jury house of Big Brother:

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