An unlikely duo finds romance in Sin City on 'Vegas' [Exclusive clip]

Yahoo! TV

CBS's "Vegas" centers on the origins of Sin City in a fictional-meets-period drama. The show focuses primarily on Sheriff Ralph Lamb (a character played by Dennis Quaid and based on the real-life "cowboy sheriff" of the same name who served most of the 1960s and '70s) and his relations with Chicago mobster Vincent Savino (Michael Chiklis). But it's not all dead bodies and dusty roads; there's always room for romance, even in the volatile 1960s West.

In this exclusive clip, sparks fly between an unlikely pair. Count-room manager Mia Rizzo (Sarah Jones) is in charge of "acquiring" the cash that goes to Savino's Windy City "family," if you catch the drift. Deputy Jack Lamb (Jason O'Mara) is Sheriff Lamb's younger brother. This might sound like a Romeo and Juliet situation, but in tonight's episode, Mia and Jack seem to hit it off on a playful and romantic first date.

Jack takes big-city Mia to a country-western bar. "I can't believe a Chicago girl's going to say this: I might actually like honky-tonk music," she admits, smiling. Smooth-talking, quick-thinking Jack suggests they do more than listen to it and persuades Mia to dance "a step or two" (wink, wink).

To find out if this star-crossed pair finds love and luck, watch "Vegas" on Tuesday, 12/18 at 10 PM on CBS.