'American Idol' Staff, Alumni Bring Their Pets to Work (Video)

Michele Amabile Angermiller

It's not always cutthroat competition backstage at American Idol, especially where furry friends are concerned.

Friday, June 21 is National Bring Your Pet To Work Day, and season 10 runner up Lauren Alaina got into the spirit by taking her adorable pooch, Prissie, to the set back on May 9. 

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"When I found out they were having a Pets at Work day at Idol and I got to bring Prissie, I was so excited because she's just so cute," she says in a video made to mark the occasion.

In the clip, Idol co-creator and executive producer Simon Fuller, recently departed EP Nigel Lythgoe and season 12 finalist Angie Miller are also shown cuddling their four-legged pals. 

"Research has shown that working in a pet-friendly environment increases productivity" explains host Ryan Seacrest in a taped cold open.

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Pets@Work is a movement supported by Fuller's XIX Entertainment and Purina (though not branded by the pet food company) aimed at removing "the barriers preventing pet-lovers from adopting pets in need."

Dancing With The Stars champion Julianne Hough has been promoting the initiative as well. An avid dog lover who'll next be seen in Diablo Cody’s Paradise, the dancer-turned-actress routinely brings her two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Lexi and Harley, to set.

Watch the video below:

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