'American Idol' Contestant Reed Grimm Sings 'Family Matters' Theme Song (Video)

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'American Idol' Contestant Reed Grimm Sings 'Family Matters' Theme Song (Video)

Urkel's theme song?! That's how one "American Idol" season 11 contestant won his golden ticket to Hollywood on Thursday night's episode.

Reed Grimm, a 26-year-old Wisconsin man, has been performing with his family band since he was two-years-old. So, out of all the songs he must have learned in more than two decades of performing, the obvious choice for him was clearly … the "Family Matters" theme song, with a big dose of scattin'.

Also during the Pittsburgh auditions, the judges rejected endearing, promising 19-year-old West Virginia coal miner Shane Bruce, who nervously sang "Hallelujah," but were wowed by 15-year-old Ohioan Eben Frankowitz, whose stage mom advised him on the road trip to the tryouts, "Let everybody else do their thing -- you do Eben's thing." Eben's thing: giving a passable performance of "Ain't No Sunshine," but looking like Justin Bieber. He made it through to Hollywood.

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And the final audition of the evening: 24-year-old former girl group singer-turned-addict-turned-waitress Hallie Day. The Baltimore native told the judges she became and addict and tried to commit suicide after a stint in New York at 15 with a girl band didn't work out. Her audition song: "I Will Survive." And she did, earning a ticket to the next round in Hollywood.

Check out video clips of Grim, Frankowitz and Day below:

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