Amber Rose Claps Back at Benzino, Calls ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star a ‘Slut Shamer’

Rasha Ali
Amber Rose Claps Back at Benzino, Calls ‘Love and Hip Hop’ Star a ‘Slut Shamer’

Amber Rose had the perfect response to”Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star Benzino’s comments about her SlutWalk: She invited the record producer to come hear her speak about rape culture, and to bring his daughter, too.

“I’ll be speaking at Harvard University, Stanford university and Syracuse University in the next couple of months about Rape Culture, Slut Shaming, Body Positivity and Sex Positivity as well. I would like to cordially invite you and your beautiful 19-year-old daughter to come and get educated,” she wrote.

The exchange started when Benzino criticized Rose for staging a “SlutWalk” designed to raise awareness about rape and sexism.  CBS reports that the first SlutWalk was staged after a Toronto police officer told college women in 2011 that if they didn’t want to be sexually assaulted, then they shouldn’t dress like sluts.

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Benzino went on a tirade after Rose announced that she needed models and artists for her second Los Angeles SlutWalk last week.

“Wtf has happened to us a society??? Where we condone and support this bs I’m starting to hate this industry!!!” the reality star wrote in an Instagram post. He added that his 19-year-old daughter doesn’t follow this “garbage” because she has parents who guide her.

Benzino continued to express his disbelief at the SlutWalk in an Instagram video in which he said he’s confused when people sometimes praise women for embracing their sexuality, and other times judge them.

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“This is basically embracing that: ‘Oh well it’s okay for me to sleep with a 1,000 men and I should be held to the same standard as men are,'” he said in the video.

Rose added that despite his criticisms, the SlutWalk turned out to be a great success. She said 7,000 men and women attended — and thanked Benzino for the publicity.

“I really appreciate all of the extra press you’ve been giving The Amber Rose Foundation!” she wrote.


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