Iverson Loses Paper-Ball Basketball Shootout to Colbert

Nando Velasquez

Newly inducted NBA Hall of Famer Allen Iverson stopped by The Late Show Wednesday night and went one-on-one with Late Show host Stephen Colbert. They played a sport that’s more commonly played in offices instead of basketball courts, paper-ball basketball.

Colbert had a wastepaper basket put out on center stage. Both host and guest had 30 seconds to shoot as many balls as possible into the bucket.

Colbert did a little preparation before the game started, taking off his jacket and rolling up his sleeves, while Iverson, dressed in sweats, hung back.

Once the game started, Colbert was quickly ahead, getting two balls in the bucket within the first few shots and putting the NBA superstar in the hole.

Alas, a comeback was not to be for the Hall of Famer, as he was unable to put any of his shots in the basket.

The late night talk show host beat Iverson by a score of 6-0.

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