Alexis Bledel Ranks Her Top 4 'Gilmore Girls' Characters

The Hollywood Reporter

Alexis Bledel chatted with Jimmy Fallon about Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival, A Year in the Life, on Monday's Tonight Show.

Without giving away any spoilers, Fallon asked Bledel how she felt about the famous last four words of the Netflix special. "Amy [Sherman-Palladino] told me and I was very shocked," said Bledel.

Fallon had previously shared his four favorite Gilmore Girls characters not counting the main stars -  Taylor (Michael Winters), Luke (Scott Patterson), Kirk (Sean Gunn) and Paris Geller (Liza Weil). He asked Bledel to share her top four.

Bledel was ready with her answer, immediately saying Caesar was one of her favorites. "He's underrated, he's amazing," she said, pointing out that Caesar is the one who runs Luke's Diner when Luke isn't around. 

Babette (Sally Struthers) and Miss Patty (Liz Torres) were next on her list. "They were on All in the Family together," said Bledel. "They were on the show for years and years, so every time they would come to set they would get together and sing show tunes. It was such a raucous day on set every time they were there, so I have to appreciate them."

And to round out her favorites, Bledel said she agreed with Fallon that Kirk belonged in the top four.

Watch below to see Bledel address her fans' good-natured teasing that she doesn't know how to hold things and her desire for another Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie.

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