Alex Trebek Is Confused About How Relationships Work on ‘This Week in Game Shows’

On Jeopardy this week, host Alex Trebek welcomed a contestant whose job in medical school was to breed hamsters. When Trebek asked why they can’t just do that on their own, she specified that what her job really entailed was to introduce the rodents and let them take it from there.

Trebek replied, “Just like us.”

Trek applied the same logic when talking to the returning champ. The champ mentioned how he had tried to impress a girl by telling her he had auditioned for Jeopardy. Trebek had some advice for the young man and brought the conversation back to the topic of hamsters.

“Well, you should have said, ‘Not only have I auditioned for Jeopardy, but they have picked me and I’m going to be appearing on the program.’ That’s the clincher. Just like with the hamsters. Once you get past the introduction, a lot of good things happen.”

Because apparently, it’s just that easy.

Also this week, a young man on Let’s Make a Deal may have been going through a bit of an identity crisis. He appeared to be dressed to look like a robot, but when host Wayne Brady asked him about his costume, he said he was the Tin Man. The young man mentioned that he’s a dance major, at which point Brady called for music, and the guy dressed as the Tin Man began to dance — doing the Robot.

And on Family Feud, only one person in the room misheard host Steve Harvey when he read the clue, but it was enough to prompt a hilarious moment.

Harvey said, “Name a kind of suit that’s not appropriate for the office.”

The contestant answered, “Chicken noodle.”

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