Alec Baldwin tells Jerry Seinfeld how he tossed iced coffee on some hecklers [Exclusive video]

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

If you ever thought about messing with Alec Baldwin, please don't; you could end up soaked in iced coffee.

The "30 Rock" star tells a strangely triumphant story of revenge to Jerry Seinfeld in this "Spare Parts" outtake from Seinfeld's web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" -- and we've got an exclusive first look at it for you right here.

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Baldwin starts out asking Seinfeld what's the worst thing he's ever done that he doesn't regret. Seinfeld doesn't have an answer ("I'm still waiting for that one"), but Baldwin does: He elaborately describes a scene where he was driving in Manhattan and a cab full of young dudes pulled up alongside, with one asking him, "The f--- you looking at?" Big mistake, buddy: Baldwin says he then took the 32-ounce iced coffee he was drinking and hurled it into the cab, soaking the hecklers, and drove off feeling victorious.

The funniest thing about the whole clip is that Baldwin twice describes this incident as "the greatest moment of my life." Really? This is a man who's won Emmys, starred in huge Hollywood blockbusters, had kids, met Presidents... and throwing coffee on some random punks tops all of that? All we know is, if we ever meet Baldwin, we're addressing him as "sir" and nothing else. We can't afford the dry-cleaning bill.