Alec Baldwin: The Paparazzi Is 'Ruining The Life Of My Wife-To-Be'

June 21, 2012
Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Thomas step out at a screening of 'To Rome With Love' at The Paris Theatre in New York City on June 20, 2012 -- Getty Images

Alec Baldwin stepped out on Wednesday night at a screening of his latest movie "To Rome with Love," where her chatted about his recent frustration with the paparazzi.

"There's a different part of the press, what I will call the illegitimate press, they [had] made an appointment for me that I wasn't aware of, and they come jumping out of the bushes to remind me about it and that creates a problem," he said of his incident this week with a New York Daily News photographer outside a marriage license bureau in New York City.

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"[It's] a very stressful thing because for me, it's ruining the life of my wife to-be, and what if I had a kid? It really is something that's become a menace," the 54-year-old actor said of his fiancee, Hilaria Thomas.

The "30 Rock" star said his encounters with pesky photographers have continued all week.

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"Most of the paparazzi have their foot out to trip you. They want you to fall on the ground and they want to get that shot. They want you to pick your nose and get that shot. They want to provoke you or catch you. They're not there to make you look good. The paparazzi are never there to make you look good, never," he continued. "Today I go into my apartment and they're there literally blocking the door to my apartment which is against the law... Do I call the police? They're inconveniencing my neighbors, the people who live in my building?"

Adding, "I wish I could really think that they served a useful purpose."

Alec's director Woody Allen backed the actor on the paparazzi issue.

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"I like everything about Alec. I'm always behind him, onscreen and off. He's my guy," he told Access. "Everyone finds the paparazzi phenomenon very, very unpleasant hiding underneath the freedom of the press... it's an embarrassment."

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