'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Goes Swedish Art-House in Weird Season 9 Promos [Video]

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

No one would ever accuse FX's raunchy bar comedy "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" of being too highbrow. But the Paddy's Pub gang looks to class up the joint with a series of promos for the upcoming Season 9 that dabble in art-house cinema.

The Bergman-esque black-and-white promos find Mac, Dennis, Charlie, Dee, and Frank speaking in Swedish and acting out surreal, dream-like scenarios. Here are Mac and Dennis contemplating the existential nature of the show's title (accompanied by a poodle, for no apparent reason):

Here's the whole gang (including Dee in a fetching Mia Wallace bob) reflecting on the essence of movement:

And here they confront the terrifying prospect of migration, with Dennis coldly declaring, "Change is inevitable":

The promos serve as a good reminder that "Sunny" is moving to a new network, FXX, this fall... and that "Sunny" is just as sharp as ever entering its ninth (!) season. (And we even learned something: "Slut" really does mean "The end" in Swedish!)

Season 9 of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" premieres in September on FXX.