'Price Is Right’ Contestant Completely Freaks Out on ‘This Week in Game Shows'

On Family Feud, it’s no secret that the intention is to ask questions to get juicy answers — and have some fun. That seemed to be the idea as host Steve Harvey kicked off the show with a clue about naming the least sexy part of your wife. One husband was playing to win, but may have landed himself in some serious hot water, or at least on the couch for a few nights.

He answered, “Her stomach.” Both Harvey and the audience knew immediately that that wasn’t the right answer, although it was on the board. The camera panned to his wife, and she was obviously not happy.

On The Price Is Right, it took a contestant two spins of the wheel to land on $1.00, but when she did, her reaction was so over the top, it has to be seen to be believed. Also on The Price Is Right, host Drew Carey was so curious about one contestant’s shirt that he was hoping for her to make it onstage, and that’s exactly what happened. Carey was given the chance to satisfy his curiosity and found out what a Cornjerker is.

And on Jeopardy, one contestant talked about sharing an elevator with Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, something he referred to as a “brush with greatness.”

‘The Price Is Right’ gave free vacations to audience full of breast-cancer survivors:

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