7 Things to Know About Season 4 of 'The Glades'

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"The Glades" - "Killer Barbecue"
Matt Passmore and Kiele Sanchez in "The Glades" Season 4 episode, "Killer Barbecue."

"I do" or "I don't"? "The Glades" fans are still waiting for an answer to Det. Jim Longworth's proposal to girlfriend Callie (played by Matt Passmore and Kiele Sanchez) in last season's finale.

When Season 4 debuts Monday, May 27, they'll find out how Callie responded and if the sarcastic cop is about to become a husband and stepfather.

When Yahoo! TV visited the Florida set, the cast kept their lips tightly zipped about the proposal, but they did reveal a few tidbits about Season 4. Check out what they had to say about the "wackier" cases (zombies!), new family members, and which star is the best dancer.

1. Jim and Callie's relationship status will be revealed.

Nobody would so much as hint at the proposal's outcome, but Sanchez teased that we won't "actually get to see my answer." The premiere "doesn't pick up right at the second that the last episode ended," she said.

Watch Jim's proposal to Callie:

Even if they are engaged, though, Jim will still be the same "Snarky Snarkerson," Passmore noted. Still, the wisecracking detective has evolved over the years. "He's been humbled a little bit by his own heart, by this strong, intelligent, beautiful woman."

2. The season starts off spooky!

Weird things happen in Florida, which "The Glades" takes even more advantage of this season. Cases will feature details "uniquely ridiculous about Florida," said Passmore.

"We start with a Scooby-Doo episode, so we get a little bit of spooky to start off with," he teased. "The start of this season … we go back to our major star, which is Florida."

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And expect the premiere to make fans laugh, said Carlos Gómez, who plays forensic pathologist Carlos Sanchez. It's "pretty, pretty hilarious and I think you guys are going to crack up."

3. And then things just get weirder …

"You're going to see wackier cases," Gómez promised. "We have a zombie thing coming around."

Jordan Wall, who plays Daniel Green, later asked, "Did he tell you, did he, did he tell you about the paranormal activity?" (No!)

"We're going to see a case that involves a suspect from, uh, the Netherworlds … a suspect from the Great Beyond, which is going to cause some trepidation with some people in the cast, particularly Carlos."

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"There's got to be vampires coming soon," joked Michelle Hurd, who plays Longworth's boss, Colleen Manus. And as a trained stage actress, she advocated for a "musical number … bring it!"

4. … and sexier!

It's not really Florida unless there are strippers, right? "The Glades" is doing an episode this season set in one of the "fun parlors, so to speak," Passmore said.

"We actually start that episode thinking that one of our own has been killed," he revealed. "Until Jim rips the cop costume off and finds … it was a stripper dressed up as a cop."

See all the times Jim went shirtless: 

5. We'll see more of the supporting characters' family lives.

The spotlight on Jim and Callie's relationship will widen to encompass the other characters' personal lives. "I think my family's going to come back this season," Gómez said. There will be a case involving "something to bring back my wife and my kids … There is a past that I had before here, and I think we're going to be touching upon that more into the later part of the season."

Fans will also get their wish of learning more about tech nerd Daniel Green — they'll meet his brother! "What's interesting about it is they're antithetical," explained Wall. "They bounce things off one another in very opposite manners … You learn why he is who he is and how it juxtaposes against members in this family."

6. Teenage angst rears its snotty head!

Boys will be boys, and teenage boys will be monsters! Callie's son, Jeff, is normally a good kid, but we can expect some angst this season, especially if his mom gets remarried.

"Boys don't usually do well when their mom is going to get remarried," Sanchez noted. With a single mom, "boys become the man of the household and usually have a hard time accepting somebody else in their territory. And I kind of wanted that to be depicted a little bit, or to deal with that in some way."

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Added Uriah Shelton, who plays Jeff, "There's definitely going to be the teenage angst that's always going to be there. I mean, I'm a teenager, it's gonna happen. But you're definitely going to know that I do love [Callie] and I do care about her and I put her before me."

7. The stars can dance!

The cast members are all close and often hit the town to sample new restaurants and hit the dance floor.

"I'm not the best salsa dancer, I'll tell the truth. I'm just not … I'm working on it," Hurd confessed. "Carlos is so good."

"I think we're all better than Matt," she added, laughing. "No, Matt's the cutest dancer, he's very cute."

Watch a preview of the new season: 

"The Glades" returns Monday, 5/27 at 9 PM on A&E.