5 Things We Learned From the ‘Mr. Robot’ Finale

Jeremy Belanger

The Season 2 finale of Mr. Robot aired Wednesday, and the show known for leaving its viewers puzzled answered a few very important questions.

Elliot got the best of Mr. Robot and met with Tyrell in their secret compound for phase two. Amid blueprints for an E Corp building. Elliot was able to find that phase two was a destruction of E Corp’s paper financial records. As Elliot tried to destroy the plan, we realized Tyrell was real — because he shot Elliot. In the FBI office, it was revealed that Darlene survived the shooting at the restaurant but Cisco did not. However, Dominique showed Darlene the FBI’s mountain of evidence against F Society and Darlene realized she was in big trouble.

Joanna Wellick went looking for the source of Tyrell’s phone calls but it was revealed that they were Scott Knowles toying with her, playing on her hope that Tyrell was still alive. Despite Elliot’s lethal run-in with Tyrell, it was also revealed he survived when Tyrell called Angela to let her know that he was OK.

Watch Mr. Robot give viewers an ’80s/’90s nostalgia trip in a totally unexpected way.

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