5 Things That Blew Our Minds on the 'Pretty Little Liars' Premiere

Erin Kim
Yahoo! TV

ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liars" aired on Tuesday night, and figuring out what's in the trunk was not the only thing that rocked our worlds about the episode. Here are a few things that made us tweet OMG:

1. The dolls.

It looked like this but not as cute. Even ABC was freaked out.

2. How chic Hanna Marin looked.

She wins our Outfit of the Episode award.

3. How not chic Emily Fields looked.

Denim vest paired with white shirt is so 1995.

4. This tweet:

Mind blown.

5. #whatsinthetrunk A pig? #smh

These guys sum up the overall reaction quite well.

No matter how you felt about the "PLL" premiere, seems like the consensus is positive despite the many questions that are still to be answered.

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Watch the full ep:

"Pretty Little Liars" airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on ABC Family.