5 Things To Know About 'Scandal' Season Two

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5 Things To Know About 'Scandal' Season Two

The too-short but too-good first season of ABC's Scandal ended with the revelation that Quinn's not that innocent and was keeping a massive secret about her past. When the new season picks up, fans will immediately get resolution to that storyline ... sort of.

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I caught up with the stars of Scandal at last night's ABC TCA Party in Beverly Hills to find out what you can look forward to in the September 27 season premiere!

Who Is Quinn?
While the cast had to wait (almost) as long as fans in order to learn the truth behind season one's biggest mystery, they are now all in on the secret. "I now know her secret and while the who is answered right away, it leads to the question of why," Katie Lowes who plays Quinn tells me. "And while the who is exciting, it's not exciting as the why. That's what links her to this specific group of people. It's crazy and intriguing and scandalous. "

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The Future Is Informed By The Past
Season one used flashbacks to illuminate the character's pre-Pope lives, and that trend will continue, in a much bigger way, with season two. "There are a lot of flashbacks, particularly in the first episode," Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck, tells me. "You find out a lot about his relationship with Olivia, and there are some interesting things there I didn't expect."

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes Betrayal, Then Comes A Faked Baby in A Baby Carriage
You might as well call Mellie Grant, The First Lady MacBeth given how manipulative and calculating she was revealed to be in the back half of season one. And now that actress Bellamy Young has been made a series regular, you can expect much more mischievousness. "There's so much thwarted ambition in being the woman behind the man," she says. "Mellie wants to be president. There's no doubt in my mind she's determined to remain in The Oval Office no matter what."

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Huck Rhymes With It, But He Won't Do It
Mellie isn't the only one swapping personal gratification for professional gratification. "I like that Huck is single," Guillermo tells me. "I feel like it would take away from the character if he had a love interest. He's had such a f*cked up life, so you never know if he's going to fly off the handle at any minute or turn on people within the firm. So to see him date would feel wrong." That said, if Huck was gonna, well, you know, would it be with a boy or girl? "Maybe it would be Candis Cayne," the openly gay Guillermo says. "She's a woman now but was a man before. The best of both worlds."

Henry Ian Cusick – Gone But Not Forgotten
It was announced that the Lost alum wouldn't be returning in season two, but Finch won't simply disappear. "It's addressed in the first episode," Katie says, adding that it's sad to see him go. But with two new faces joining Scandal (Gregg Henry as Jackson, a big-money Southern guy and Jillian Armenante as Lucas, a smart and brash new foe), there will be little time to dwell on the past!

Scandal premieres September 27 on ABC.

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