15 Canceled Shows From Last Season You’ve Already Forgotten Existed (Photos)

Linda Ge
15 Canceled Shows From Last Season You’ve Already Forgotten Existed (Photos)

Remember “Second Chance”? “Truth Be Told”? Here are 15 canceled shows from last season you’ve already forgotten about.

“Second Chance”

You probably don’t remember Fox’s sci-fi drama because it had two other titles before it even made it to air – “Frankenstein Code” and “Lookinglass.”

“Truth Be Told”

Another victim of the title change and another piece of evidence

“Houdini and Doyle”

That’s right, for a short while, Fox aired a show about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle teaming up with Harry Houdini to solve crime.

“The Player” was supposed to be Wesley Snipes‘ big return to acting, but instead it fizzled out, got its episode order cut, and was basically the first canceled show of the 2015 season.

“The Family”

Joan Allen‘s missing son returned after a years-ago disappearance – but is he who he says he is? Unfortunately, no one really bothered to find out.


It’s the one that’s not “The Simpsons” or “Family Guy” or “Bob’s Burgers” and it was axed pretty quickly.

Angel from Hell


“Game of Silence”

Despite a clever attempt to get “Game of” at the begin of its title, this remake of a Danish series came and went without much fanfare.

Cooper Barrett


Blood & Oil

“Best Time Ever”

Remember that time Neil Patrick Harris hosted a live variety show? Anyone?

“Wicked City”

I’ll give you $15 if you can tell me what this Ed Westwick midseason drama was about.


Whether it was “Heartbreaker” or “Heartbeat,” this Melissa George-led medical drama never found a pulse.

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