Ellen Shows Off Young Tim Kaine Pictures; Kaine Plays Harmonica

Will Lerner

When Virginia Sen. and Democratic vice presidential nominee Tim Kaine was a guest on Ellen Sept. 21, he and host Ellen DeGeneres talked about the phone call he got when he was picked for the VP spot, how Hillary Clinton is doing after her bout with pneumonia, and, ya know, some important things.

A highlight of their chat was when DeGeneres showed pictures of Kaine in his 20s. Kaine smiled and shared, “My wife, Anne, of 32 years got interviewed by Cosmo and they showed her some of these pictures [and said], ‘You know, back in the day, your husband was pretty hot.’ And she said, ‘Hotter now.’”

The audience cheered what seemed to be a supportive comment. It was, instead, a lead-up to a story about some mild teasing. “So I saw that line and I called her and said, ‘Thank you for saying I’m hot,’” Kaine continued. “She said, ‘I didn’t say you’re hot. I said that you’re hotter now than you were then. I thought you looked goofy back then.’”

“I think you looked good then, and you look good now,” replied DeGeneres.

Kaine then took out his harmonica and played a ditty for the crowd. If you’re wondering if this was his “Bill Clinton playing the sax on Arsenio” moment — it wasn’t. But that’s OK!

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