13 TV Shows That Have Been Around Since the ’90s or Longer (Photos)

Rasha Ali
13 TV Shows That Have Been Around Since the ’90s or Longer (Photos)

Sometimes TV shows feel like they have been on forever, and sometimes that’s true. Here are 13 of your favorite shows that have literally been on air forever.

“Law & Order”

The original Law & Order series premiered in Sept. 1990 and although the OG ran its final episode in 2010, the SVU spinoff is coming up on its 18th season since it first started in 1999.

“The Simpsons”

America’s favorite cartoon family has been on air since December1989, and it doesn’t look like the sitcom is going anywhere any time soon. “The Simpsons” will be premiering its 28th season later this mont.

“South Park”

The raunchy adult animated (key word being adult) sitcom first debuted in August 1997. Though its aim seems to be to offend every one possible, “South Park” will be around until at least 2019.

“Monday Night Raw”

Monday night’s pro wrestling program first debuted in January 1993. The show aired it’s 1,000th episode in 2012 and is still going strong starting its 25th season this September.

“Family Guy”

Adult animated sitcoms seem to be the thing that’s never going away. Despite taking a three year hiatus (it was cancelled then revived after its third season) “Family Guy” has been on air since 1999.

Bad boys have been on the run from cops since 1989 (probably earlier, too). The series is currently in its 29th season.


The show’s tagline of “America’s favorite quiz show” might be correct after all. The current version of the game show has been around since 1984.

The X-Files

This sci-fi horror drama first premiered in September 1993 and although it went off the air for a good few years, Fox gave the series a revival in 2016.

We can’t confirm if another season is in the works, but the network has said they would like to get another season out.

“Spongebob Squarepants”
Looks like Spongebob will be living in his pineapple under the sea for a while. The animated series has been on air since 1999 and will be on for at least two more seasons.

“Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

This quiz game show has been around since 1999 and is currently on its 16th season.

This newsmagazine show which Barbara Walters is most known for has been on air since 1978. It currently has over 500 episodes.

“Saturday Night Live”
The popular comedy sketch show premiered in 1975. The show currently has over 800 episodes and will begin its 42nd season this October.

“Sesame Street”
This notorious children’s series has been on air since 1969. Big Bird and friends received a Lifetime Achievement Emmy Award upon its 40th anniversary.

Sesame Street currently has over 4,000 episodes and 46 seasons.

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