'Virgin Diaries': Meet the stars of the TLC special

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After a buzzworthy premiere last December, "Virgin Diaries" is back on TLC with a two-part special featuring stories about older adults who, for a multitude of reasons, have never had sex. This time around, some of the familiar faces from the original hour-long show return, but there are some newcomers as well. Prior to the second part of the special -- which airs Wednesday night -- meet the stars of the show.

Ryan and Shanna
The couple became headline news when their awkward first kiss aired on "Virgin Diaries" last December. (They gave new meaning to the expression "suck face.") In this clip, the newlyweds talk about how they've been practicing their smooching skills since then.

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The 32-year-old, who remains a virgin for religious reasons, vents about being sexually frustrated "at all times" and says she has come up with a variety of “creative ways” to deal with it. She also notes that because her boyfriend is not a virgin, she has to be "on guard a lot."

The 29-year-old is described as "a rare lesbian virgin," who is looking for the right woman. She shows off her exercise regimen and talks about building her “guns” so she feels more confident while out on dates.

Days away from marrying his long-time girlfriend, the 36-year-old talks about how he's never seen a naked woman before – and he looks forward to his wedding night. Meanwhile, his sexually experienced fiancée wonders if she'll have to coach him through their first time.

The reason this 41-year-old woman is still a virgin? She "forgot to have sex," she says. She calls her virginity not so much a choice, but an afterthought. Michelle admits she only kissed two people in her life, and each time the experience made her so nervous she almost vomited.

The 29-year-old from Washington says she has yet to meet someone she is interested in sleeping with. During a candid conversation with her mother about sex, her mom talks about her "past conquests." Karissa says: "I've known from the get-go that my mom was a huge slut."

Lisa, Danielle, and Tamara
This trio of friends includes two virgins and one "reclaimed virgin." The women who never had sex seem slightly skeptical of their friend's claim.

Oh, Skippy! The single guy, who lives in his parents’ basement, wears a “Virginity Rocks” shirt during his interview and removes it only to reveal to the audience the heart-shaped pattern he made with his body hair.

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The 35-year-old has a hot date coming up and turns to his friends for advice should things take a steamy turn during his night out. Later, when he tells his date about his lack of sexual experience, she appears truly shocked, replying: "Wow!"

The second part of the "Virgin Diaries" special airs Wednesday, July 25, at 10 PM on TLC.