'Vikings': Earl Haraldson Claims Ragnar's Treasures From English Raid [Exclusive Video]

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History's scripted Dark Ages drama "Vikings" set sail on March 3 and is only picking up steam going into Episode 3 "Dispossessed." The series, created by history guru Michael Hirst, follows Viking Ragnar Lodbrok (Travis Fimmel) and his aspirations to discover unexplored worlds across the ocean. His ambition, though, is thwarted by his local Viking chieftain, Earl Haraldson (Gabriel Byrne), who insists that Lodbrok and his crew raid the Baltic as always.

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In this exclusive sneak peek, we see that Ragnar, his brother Rollo, and his friend Floki (a gifted shipbuilder) have returned from their own unauthorized raid to England, where they pillaged and plundered a monastery, killing many monks and abducting the rest as slaves. A skeptical yet curious Haraldson greets them and asks, "How did you find this place of great riches when all before you had failed?"

Ragnar humbly answers that they were fortunate and had Thor (the hammer-wielding god of storms and strength) on their side. The Earl agrees that they were fortunate but makes one fact clear: All the treasures that were brought back belong to him, which sends a murmur through the crowd.

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Ragnar respectfully responds, insisting that he, Floki, and his crew deserve a reward, since they paid for the boat. But Haraldson strikes back with a quip: "You want me to pay you, when you took these things as easily as from babies." Ouch.

To find out whether Ragnar pushes back or just plans his next daring journey, tune in to "Vikings" on Sunday, 3/17 at 10 PM on History.