'Vegas': A forbidden romance heats up [Exclusive video]

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"Vegas" is back and steamier than ever! CBS's 1960s Sin City period drama is taking the forbidden romance between lovers Mia Rizzo (Sarah Jones) and Jack Lamb (Jason O'Mara) to the next level. Mia (a count-room manager and mob boss's daughter who is integral to the organization) and Jack (a police deputy to his big brother, Sheriff Ralph Lamb) might be throwing caution to the wind, but they don't seem to mind in this saucy first look at tonight's episode.

A shirtless Jack is not too keen on Mia having to leave their hotel love nest for work on a Sunday, but she quickly reminds him that she's not the only one who never takes a break. "There are no days of rest in the holy book, according to Ralph Lamb," Jack says about his brother. But his big bro quickly leaves his thoughts as he admires a coiffed and sharply dressed Mia. "You're so pretty it hurts," he says, but she's not buying it. She's a savvy city girl straight from Chicago, after all, and isn't letting the seemingly kindhearted cowboy off that easy.

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Jack might insist that he's not complicated, but Mia's pretty sure he's got an angle -- a hard lesson she has learned from her life in the big city, her dad, and every man she's ever met. Looks like it's going to take a lot of convincing to earn this beauty's trust. If anyone can do it, though, hunky, sweet-talking Jack might just be the guy.

To find out if these star-crossed lovebirds can keep their relationship going and under wraps, tune in to "Vegas" on Tuesday, 1/8 at 10 PM on CBS.