'Undercover Boss' hits the slopes for a simulated rescue mission [Exclusive video]

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The subject of Friday's "Undercover Boss," Andy Wirth, is hitting the slopes with Olympic gold medalist Jonny Moseley, but this covert operation is all business under extreme conditions, not a wintry hiatus. Wirth, the CEO and president of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows (ski resorts located in Lake Tahoe, California), is going incognito to assess his company from the inside out in hopes of rewarding dedicated employees and improving conditions for workers who struggle.

In this exclusive look at the episode, "Squaw Valley," Wirth learns the hard way what working in harsh mountain elements daily is all about, when he goes undercover with ski-patrol pro Tucker for a simulated lifesaving rescue mission. As he ascends the mountain with Tucker, things get real.

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"There's been an avalanche! My friend's buried down there!" Tucker yells, pretending to be a panicked skier caught in a life-or-death situation. "He had a beacon on. I need you to go get him! … You gotta move faster; you gotta find my buddy!"

Wirth is initially hesitant and slow to get going, but Tucker doesn't let up -- he follows Wirth and shouts at him the whole way to the buried beacon, which he is able to find. Wirth is really pleased with Tucker's training approach.

"As soon as we started the avalanche beacon search, he starts yelling at me, which is perfect, because that's putting pressure on me," Wirth said. "He's just trying to make it real and doing a great job." Looks like Tucker might be up for some good news when Wirth finally reveals his status.

To find out if Wirth's identity is discovered or if he can remain hidden behind scarves, goggles, and a weird mustache, tune in to "Undercover Boss" on Friday, 3/8 at 8 PM on CBS.