'Two and a Half Men' writers take a jab at Angus T. Jones, steal show from guest star Jaime Pressly

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Two and a Half Men

"Two and a Half Men" fans have given majorly mixed reviews of the long-running series since Ashton Kutcher replaced Charlie Sheen in 2011, but it would be hard to argue that Jaime Pressly's guest spot on Thursday night's episode wasn't a ton of fun. Surprisingly, though, it wasn't Pressly's performance that stole the show; Conchata Ferrell's character, Berta, delivered a memorable tongue-in-cheek zinger about Jake (Angus T. Jones) -- saying to Alan (Jon Cryer) that at least he's not "one of those showbiz kids who go off the rails."

Whoa! Did the writers just make a statement about Angus T. Jones's highly publicized outburst against "Two and a Half Men"? In November, Jones bit the hand that's been feeding him for a decade when he told fans of the show to stop watching it -- even going so far as to call the series "filth."

Watch his rant:

That jab might have slightly upstaged Pressly's performance, but the Emmy-winning actress ("My Name Is Earl") held her own as 19-year-old Jake's tough-chick girlfriend, Tammy. She might only be 36, but she definitely gave an anxious Alan a "cougar" vibe.

Her performance as an inked-up mom of three and savvy business owner (she owns her own tattoo shop, called "Tammy's Tatties," of course), who's taken some hard knocks and kept on trucking, added much-needed range to a show that's known for easy jokes and one-dimensional characters that often don't push its stars' capabilities. It's also clear that Pressly hasn't lost her comedic chops, nailing lines like "Give me a body part and I can paint it, pierce it, or plug it." That raspy voice doesn't hurt, either!

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So how does this seemingly age-inappropriate relationship shake out? Well, there was almost a Vegas wedding! At least in Jake's mind. Jake's so love-struck with his blond-bombshell girlfriend that he wants to propose and then elope to Vegas the next day. He even swears a very resistant Walden (Ashton Kutcher) to secrecy.

When Alan has a one-on-one chat with Tammy, he realizes that she is a beautiful, cool, smart woman (even if she just got her ankle bracelet off a week ago) with whom he actually has a lot in common. She once freaked when her 17-year-old daughter brought home an older man. But Alan is most pleased (and relieved) to hear that she's approaching the relationship with Jake as a lighthearted one that's for the moment and not forever.

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Don't breathe a sigh of relief just yet, Alan; when Walden blurts out Jake's secret at the dinner table (hey, he said he wasn't good with secrets), Alan flies off the handle. Especially after a flattered Tammy seems into the idea of getting hitched. Luckily for everyone, she later tells Jake that she wants a family wedding that brings their loved ones together instead of driving them apart. Apologies are accepted all around, and for now it looks as if the wedding is off. Here's hoping that Jaime Pressly sticks around for this story arc!

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