'The Vampire Diaries' Shipper-cap: Who's Going to Prom Together?

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"The Vampire Diaries" -- "Pictures of You"
"Pictures of You" -- Candice Accola as Caroline and Nina Dobrev as Elena (back to camera)

Prom is kind of the worst, isn't it?

Seriously, has anyone ever had a great prom? One without drama, mean-girl gossiping, crying in the bathroom, or boyfriend stealing?

Of course, Mystic Falls' prom is no different -- well, it's on a bit of a different scale. There's dress stealing as well as attempted murder. But in a town full of vampires, werewolves, and hybrids, it goes off pretty well ... considering.

More interesting, though, are the pairings of couples past, present, and possibly future. Let's check in on the various 'ships, shall we?

Elena and Stefan

Forgive us a melodramatic sigh; way back when, in Season 1, we thought these two would be prom queen and king. Alas, not only are they broken up, but Elena has no feelings to spare -- for Stefan or Damon. Nor Bonnie or Caroline; in fact, she steals the latter's prom dress!

See Elena being cold to her former besties:

Stefan wants to make Elena want to turn her humanity switch back on. At prom, he points out sappy pictures of them together and of her with Jeremy, but Elena is still as unemotional as a robot.

But later, as they dance cheek to cheek and he reminds her what it felt like when they used to dance together, her stone-cold facade melts a little. Stefan dips Elena and they look like they're about to kiss (!) ... but the ice princess leaves him in the dust.

Elena and Damon

Elena doesn't treat her sire much better. When she sees him with the limo to pick her up for prom (looking devastatingly handsome, by the way), all she can do is snark, "I don't need a babysitter." He even places a pretty corsage on her wrist!

Later, the two Salvatore brothers seemingly come to blows. Damon confronts Stefan about being flirty with Elena, and then Stefan stabs him! Of course, it's not really Stefan -- it's Silas.

Caroline and Klaus

After Elena steals her dress, Caroline doesn't go to the mall -- she goes to see Klaus! She doesn't want just another dress; she wants one of the antiques in his collection.

Then, she shows up at prom in a breathtaking beaded white gown. Maybe this will finally endear Klaus to Caroline? Well, it doesn't matter if she feels a little more charitable toward him because Klaus gets a note at the end of the episode from Katherine. In it, she says that there's a witch in New Orleans named Jane-Anne who has some information that will rattle him. Cue the Originals spinoff!

Watch a preview of "The Originals": 

Caroline and Stefan

At prom, when Caroline arrives in style, Stefan (fresh off of robot Elena's rejection) asks her to dance. "You know you have him wrapped around your little finger, right?" he says of Klaus (though, really, he could be talking about himself). When he reveals what happened with Elena, Caroline comforts him. "I think that someday you'll meet someone new and you'll be madly in love and you'll have moved on without even realizing it," she says. Yeah, wonder with who?

Caroline and Tyler

Any Staroline (or is it Carfan?) fans out there will have to wait a bit longer. The sassy blond vampire is still madly in love, herself, with a certain hybrid. And even though he hasn't been returning her messages, Tyler shows up to surprise Caroline at his/Matt's house. "You didn't really think I was going to miss prom, did you?" he asks, before requesting a dance. Awww!

They have their prom before he has to leave, but just as he walks out the door, Klaus stops him. Nooo! But wait -- Klaus still has some decency in him. He doesn't want to ruin Caroline's prom, so he gives Tyler five ... four ... three ...

... to vanish.

Maybe Caroline should find a friend to comfort her?

Rebekah and Matt

Now that Elijah has the cure, which of his two siblings will he give it to? Well, Klaus wants it so he can avoid being tormented by Silas forever, while Rebekah wants it to start life over as a human.

Elijah proposes a challenge: If Rebekah can live one whole day as a human -- without any vampire privileges -- he'll give it to her. She decides the perfect way to prove she can be human is to go to prom, so she ropes Elena into shopping for a prom dress. They run into Bonnie and Caroline; the latter is trying on a sexy red gown. Of course, robot Elena decides to take it for herself.

At prom, Rebekah tries to butter up Matt, the one guy who's ever shown her any kindness. But even he's not having it. When Rebekah asks him if he thinks she'd make a good human, he replies, "I think 'good' is a hard word to live up to. And I've never seen you do anything remotely good." Ouch.

When April is bitten Elena, Matt begs Rebekah to save her, the Original hesitates. That would mean using vampire privileges. Matt dares her to be truly good, truly human. So, Rebekah does save April.

When she goes home, though, she lies to Elijah and he gives her the cure. Except ... his phone rings. It's Rebekah. She's still at prom! That wasn't her ... he's given the cure to Silas!

Bonnie and Jeremy

Now that she's woken up to the real world and knows that Jeremy is dead, Bonnie goes to visit his grave. But afterward, she wakes up in the middle of a magic-induced fire! Her powers are seriously getting out of control.

At prom, Bonnie escapes to take a walk and sees Jeremy. Well, actually, it turns out to to be Silas, using Jeremy's likeness. Silas/Jeremy pleads with her to help him and break down the veil between this world and the supernatural purgatory. He warns her that if she doesn't help him he can't help her control her magic, "Your expression will consume from the inside out."

Later, she goes looking for him. Bonnie wants to see his real face before she agrees to anything. He agrees, turning toward the light ...

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