'The Office' Spinoffs We Want to See

Rachel Stein

Of all the cast members who could get a spinoff on "The Office," we're not surprised that Rainn Wilson snagged the first one. Dwight Schrute has frequently gotten on our nerves during Season 8, though, admittedly, it's hard to conceive of a great episode of the show without including a subplot about the outlandish beet farmer. Still, if the documentary crew filming the office dwellers were to choose a new path to follow, we'd prefer any of the following spinoffs to something Dwight-centric.

'Table for One'
Instead of getting just glimpses of his home life as a lonely divorced dad through exposition, we'd like an up-close look at sad sack Toby Flenderson when he's not with his daughter, Sasha. A few months back, Paul Lieberstein revealed that they'd written (and possibly shot) a story about Toby visiting the now-incarcerated Scranton Strangler in jail. Let's see that, for starters.

'Kelly's World'
Mindy Kaling is actually already creating and starring in a comedy pilot for Fox (and it'll feature Ed Helms), but if that project falls through, we'd gladly spend our time watching Kelly try her hand at new professions after Dunder Mifflin Sabre inevitably folds.

Remember that time everyone from the warehouse won the lottery and spontaneously quit their jobs? We'd venture to guess they're living out their days in the wackiest of fashions: together, in an enormous 30-room mansion, using decked-out forklifts and playing basketball on illustrious private courts. Darryl fans could even rally for the former foreman to have a few guest spots.

Unbeknownst to him, cameras will follow Creed Bratton in his day-to-day routine, which will presumably include some of the following: kleptomania, blogging, guitar shredding, selling fake IDs, using women's bathrooms, and taking lots of drugs.

'Love and Refrigeration'
Many may claim the Halperts as the best couple on "The Office," but we'd take a Phyllis and Bob Vance show over a Jim and Pam one any day of the week. (Frankly, we'd put them at least third behind Stanley and his mistress.) There would easily be enough material about Phyllis and Bob's love life to last a lifetime, so why not cut that in between the two old-timers, say, traveling the country together or joining a senior couples' bowling league?

The more we learn about Meredith's son, Jake, the better he sounds. Sure, it'd be depressing to follow an alcoholic, terrorist-bedding mother and her kid with a face tattoo, but "The Office" could use a dark twist, and this sounds no more depressing than "Shameless."

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'Cat Cam'
We couldn't care less about Angela, the (state) senator, and Dwight's baby; just give us a 24-hour look at the webcam she has set up in front of her felines. It probably won't be as good as the days when Sprinkles was alive and meowing, but we'll take it.

Traveling salesman Danny Cordray proved how hard-hearted he was when he rejected Pam for being too dorky. So why not give him his own show in which he travels around Lackawanna County solving crimes? We'd also be down to see the extremely attractive Charles Miner in a police work role as well.

'Mrs. Howard's House'
Hey, remember when Ryan was a major executive at Dunder Mifflin? Clearly he's got the magnetism to helm a spinoff all by his lonesome. Ideally, we'll watch his bachelor life as he tries to pick up chicks while returning to work at the bowling alley and living in his mom's house.

'Michael and Holly'
What Season 8 probably should have been in the first place: Cameras follow Michael Scott and his fiancée, Holly Flax, to Colorado and tape their inconsequential-yet-happy lives there, filled with funny friends and the making of "Threat Level: Midnight 2."

"The Office" airs Thursdays at 9 PM on NBC.

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