'The Little Couple' Nervously Await Adopted Son in Season 6 Premiere [Exclusive Video]

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TLC's "The Little Couple" should now be called "The Little Family"! (The Duggars went from "17 Kids and Counting" to "19 Kids and Counting," after all.) Bill Klein and Dr. Jennifer Arnold recently adopted a 3-year-old Chinese boy with dwarfism (and an adorable smile), whom they named William, a Klein family tradition. And viewers will get to watch their exciting journey into parenthood starting with the Season 6 premiere.

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In this exclusive sneak peek at Tuesday's episode, Klein and Arnold are chatting about their upcoming special delivery, and just like any first-time expectant parents, they are feeling a mix of emotions -- particularly with the uncertainties of the adoption process. "I'm a little dazed and confused here, you know?" Klein says. "There needs to be something more official provided to me. Like my son dropped off." It hasn't been long since the twosome talked about the possibilities of international adoption with Martha, the founder of Rainbow Kids, an organization that places special-needs kids with parents.

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Klein feels that his wife is better versed than he is for this life-changing adventure (she is a neonatologist), but there's still a difference between pediatrics and parenting, she reassures him. "We'll be learning together," she says. "I've never been a mom before. ... I'm ready."

It has been a long time coming. This affectionate couple -- whose marriage was documented in the 2009 TLC special "Little People: Just Married" -- have experienced many obstacles to growing their family. For the past three seasons, the reality series has documented their fertility problems, their challenges finding a surrogate, and their heartbreaking miscarriage.

"The Little Couple" Season 6 premieres on Tuesday, 4/30 at 10 PM on TLC.