'The Killing' Exclusive Photos: Holden and Linden, Together Again?

Yahoo! TV
"The Killing" - "Seventeen"
Goldie (Brendan Fletcher), Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and Carl Reddick (Gregg Henry) in "The Killing" episode, "Seventeen."

Season 3 of AMC's drama "The Killing" has started off not only on a ratings rebound, but a creative comeback as well, and the network has given Yahoo! TV an exclusive first look at photos that suggest Sunday's third episode will shed more light on why former detective Sarah Linden can't stay away from an old case that might be tied to a new string of brutal murders of homeless teens.

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Teen Bullet has been on the hunt for her missing BFF — and fellow homeless teen — Kallie, which led to a brutal run-in with pimp Goldie (Brendan Fletcher) in last week's episode. In Sunday's new ep, "Seventeen," Detective Holder (Joel Kinnaman) and his new partner Reddick (Gregg Henry) have Goldie in the interrogation room. Are they questioning him about Kallie, who he'd joked was dead? Or do they know that he raped Bullet?

In another photo, even though James Skinner's (Elias Koteas) wife told Linden to stay away from her old partner, Linden and Skinner look on as Holder and Reddick try to get Goldie to spill information. What is it about this new string of murders that's drawing Sarah back to her law enforcement days?

The question to that almost certainly ties in to the man in the gray prison garb, Ray Seward (Peter Sarsgaard), the death row inmate who's scheduled to be executed in a month for the murder of his wife. Despite Skinner's insistence that Seward is guilty, Linden has some doubts about the case she and Skinner worked, especially since some of the details of the Seward murder tie in too neatly with the homeless teen murders.

Meanwhile, Seward's got a new scheme cooking at the prison, where he's determined to add fuel to a rivalry between prison guard Becker (Hugh Dillon) and another foe.

"The Killing" airs Sundays at 9 PM on AMC.