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"The Good Wife" -- "Battle Of The Proxies"

Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) helps when Will (Josh Charles) defends a man accused of murder and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) attempts to influence the outcome of his case by aiding the prosecutor in a nearby county who is trying another man who for the same crime in "Battle of the Proxies," the tenth episode of "The Good Wife" Season 4.

Goodbye, Nick, we're not sorry to see you go.

But will Kalinda be sorry for whatever plan B was to get him out of town? Did Kalinda get rid of Nick ... permanently?

If the look on her face in the closing scene indicates anything, our favorite keeper of secrets has a very big one to add to the pile.

Meanwhile, at work, Alicia's embroiled in a case that tests her ethics. At home, she's involved in "The Mystery of Who Searched for Types of Condoms on the Computer," which ends up giving her (and everyone else) the shudders.

A tale of two cities

Will is defending Troy, a Chicago executive who's accused of murdering a girl at a music festival. Brandy was killed in Chicago, but her body was transported 50 miles to her hometown, Minooka.

In Minooka, there's an identical trial going on -- with Brandy's ex-boyfriend, Gary, as the defendant!

In Chicago, the judge has ruled that Will can't talk about the other trial -- unless the other defendant is found guilty. So, he sends Alicia to Minooka to help the prosecutor.

But two can play that game, and Laura Hellinger, who's prosecuting for Chicago, sends her colleague, Matan, to Minooka to help the defense. The four attorneys all arguing with each other -- Alicia teamed up with the prosecution, Matan teamed up with the defense -- are a pretty funny sight.

In Chicago, Kalinda finds evidence that proves the guilt of their client, Troy, but Will adamantly says they must defend him to the best of their ability. Alicia is torn -- are they really going to help send Gary, an innocent man, to prison?

In the end, both juries come back with guilty verdicts. Troy doesn't get away with it, at least. And Will tells Laura over drinks that they can now help Gary on his appeal.

Speaking of those drinks ... sparks are really flying between Will and Laura! And as much as we loved Will with Alicia, we could be on board with this pairing.

Under investigation

Eli's crunching election numbers at a local diner, when the guy sitting next to him starts a conversation. It seems innocent enough, until he introduces himself as David LaGuardia from the Department of Justice.

Freaked, Eli runs to Diane and asks her for help -- without telling Will or Alicia. If even a rumor of an investigation gets out, Peter's campaign will be sunk.

When Diane and Eli later meet with LaGuardia, they show him the photo that Kalinda got from Nick -- the one spying on her and Eli in their offices. LaGuardia is stunned and warns them that whoever gave it to them broke the law.

Then, the agent reveals his hand: He says that the DOJ is looking into campaign donations from Eli's former clients to ... his wife, Vanessa!

Eli almost relaxes at this, confident there's no impropriety. But then LaGuardia drops a bomb of an offer: The DOJ will drop any charges against Eli if he turns in evidence of Peter's indiscretions.

Eli tells him to shove it, but later, LaGuardia shows up with a team to raid his campaign office, taking documents, phones, and computers.

The cat's out of the bag now! Will this destroy Peter's campaign?

Let's search for sex

At home, Alicia's doing Internet research on her case and discovers someone recently searched for "types of condoms."

Major mommy freak-out time!

She goes to Zach first and asks him about his girlfriend and if they need to "talk." About sex. Again.

Zach is horrified, and Alicia confesses finding the search on the computer. The tech wunderkind informs her that he knows how to clear a search cache. And then to Alicia's dismay, Zach tells her she might want to talk to Grace.


Next, Alicia visits Grace and interrogates her about Connor and being a Christian. Finally, she outright asks if Grace is thinking of having sex. Her daughter is horrified, as well. "I'm being a good girl," Grace promises.

(Except, of course, Grace later hops on the Internet and searches for "sex." Wonder how many results that came up with?)

Then, Zach uses his computer skills to discover who ran the search, which took place on Thanksgiving.

Turns out it was Grandma. It was Jackie. Guess she and Cristian really are getting closer!

Now, it's Alicia's turn to be horrified. (Ours, too.)

"Zach, we never speak of this again," she says.

"I'm good with that," he replies. (Us, too!)

End of the affair

Nick drops by Lockhart Gardner to ask that Cary be taken off his case. When Alicia asks why, he says that Cary threatened to spill about the drugs he's smuggling via his tow truck company.

Alicia pretends to talk to the partners, then informs him that they're dropping him as a client. He puts on his menacing face again and warns her not to tell anyone about the drugs.

After Kalinda finds out what happened, she puts on her menacing face and visits her hubby's tow truck company. She bashes into a car and checks out its trunk -- which is full of drugs.

"It's time to end this," she says.

They meet at the firm's offices, where Kalinda tells Nick she called the cops and that he should run for the border.

Nick calls her bluff, though, and asks what her plan B is. She slowly gets up from her chair, looking as furious as we've ever seen her.


We never see what plan B is, though. The show cuts to a worried Alicia waiting at a bar for Kalinda, who's late.

We're worried, too, until Kalinda shows up, a strange expression on her face. She assures Alicia that everything's OK and Nick is gone for good.

We thought Kalinda would do anything to protect her friends, especially Alicia, but would she kill?

If she did, at least she'd have very good defense attorneys.

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